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Weight-Loss Success: Allison Caggia

By Gina Roberts-Grey , , ,

Allison Caggia
22 lbs lost

Age: 41
Location: Long Island, New York
Occupation: Editorial director OF DiabetesDaily.com
Diabetes: Type 1
Before: 160 pounds
Now: 138 pounds

Being physically active was never a problem for Allison Caggia. “I was an avid gym goer, working out several times every week to maintain overall health,” she says. But a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in 2014 was the springboard she used to overhaul her workouts and face a few fears.

Caggia had been afraid to try strength training. “I had always heard that lifting weights will bulk you up or increase your risk of injury, which I didn’t want,” she says. Yet she wondered if lifting weights would help her achieve her target blood glucose numbers and shed excess pounds.

About four months after her diagnosis, she stumbled upon an online community where people with diabetes shared everything from daily fluctuations in their blood glucose levels to recipes, feelings of success or failure, and side effects of treatments. “That was the game changer for me,” says Caggia.

Her “diabuddies” encouraged her to change up her workout routine and give CrossFit, a high-intensity strength and conditioning program, a try. “When I first started, it took courage to start using weights,” says Caggia. “In the beginning, I was weak and didn’t have the confidence that I could sustain my new, healthier lifestyle. I felt like giving up. The accountability and support of having other people with type 1 diabetes doing it with me kept me motivated.”

The difference in how she looked and felt, coupled with a reduction in her A1C, inspired her to maintain her new exercise routine. “I love seeing the results of what I once lacked the confidence to do. Weights and working out make me feel strong physically as well as mentally and emotionally.”

Safety Note:Check with your health care provider before starting or changing your exercise plan.



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