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Boost Your Workouts with the Best Gear and Gadgets

Whether you’re an exercise veteran or planning your first trip to the gym, this assortment of gadgets and gear can help you make the most of any sweat session.

By Gina Roberts-Grey ,

Erik Hinders/Mittera

1. Find your sole mate

These lightweight, breathable sneakers feature a seamless interior that helps reduce blister-causing irritation. Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Shoes, $150, gravitydefyer.com

2. Exercise on the go

When expanded, easy-to-grip loops run the length of these resistance bands. A free app offers a library of exercises for users of all levels. TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops, $15–$25, theraband.com

3. Treat Your Feet

A seamless design and snug fit help prevent blisters. Mesh along the top of the foot provides ventilation, while synthetic fibers wick away yeast- and bacteria-promoting moisture. Feetures Therapeutic Cushion Crew Sock, $16, feetures.com

4. Don’t go low

This insulated food flask makes toting pre- or post-workout carbs easy. It is leak-proof and made of stainless steel so it won’t retain or transfer flavors. Hydro Flask Food Flask (12 ounces), $30, hydroflask.com

5. Secure your gear

Stash essentials such as glucose tablets, your insulin pump, or a meter on your arm, waist, calf, or thigh with this modular and adjustable carry case. PortaPocket Combo Kit, $25, portapocket.com

6. Keep your cool

Terry sweatbands are stitched into this customizable cap. The black underside of the hat’s visor reduces glare, and the knit shell allows maximum airflow and moisture transfer. Headsweats Go Hat, $23, headsweats.com

7. Quench your thirst

Pair this water bottle with its smartphone app and it’ll glow as a reminder to hydrate. Personalize the app to take into account the impact of activity and environment on your perspiration and H2O needs. Hidrate Spark 2.0 water bottle, $55, hidratespark.com

8. Dress for success

These moisture-wicking workout pants have plenty of places to stash testing supplies and fast-acting glucose, along with your phone or diabetes device. Available in plus sizes. Athleta Relay Capri 2.0, $69, athleta.com



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