Diabetes Forecast

Diabetes Costs Continue to Rise


Nearly 10 percent of Americans were living with diagnosed diabetes in 2017, and the overall cost to the nation was $327 billion. That includes $237 billion in direct medical costs, such as treatments for diabetes-related complications. Indirect costs—such as missed work days or reduced productivity—hit $90 billion. The cost to individuals with diabetes is significant, too: At nearly $17,000 a year, the average health care cost per person with diabetes is more than double that of a person without diabetes. What can you do to lower your own health care spending? Follow a healthful diet, be physically active, avoid smoking, and work with your health care team to reach your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol goals. Those actions can help you avoid future complications—and the added cost that comes with them. If medical costs are getting too high for you, ask your doctor about lower-cost treatment options.
Source: Diabetes Care, published online March 22, 2018



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