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Using a CGM During Pregnancy Benefits Babies

By Miriam E. Tucker , , , ,


When pregnant women with type 1 diabetes use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), their babies may benefit. In a trial, 107 women ages 18 to 40 were randomly assigned in early pregnancy to CGM use plus seven finger-stick blood glucose measurements daily, or just the finger-stick checks. Throughout their pregnancies, the women using CGMs spent more time with in-range glucose. Their newborns were half as likely to be too large, to be admitted to intensive care, or to have low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) shortly after birth. Here’s why: When a woman with type 1 diabetes has high blood glucose during pregnancy, the fetus’ pancreas may produce more insulin in response, leading to both excess weight gain and low blood glucose levels at birth. Using a CGM helps people with diabetes better avoid both highs and lows.
Source: The Lancet, published online Sept. 15, 2017



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