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Can Money Help Improve Glucose Control in Youth?

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,


Money might motivate young people with type 1 diabetes to check their glucose levels more often. In a study, researchers asked 90 people between ages 14 and 20 to do four glucose checks per day, aiming for at least one daily reading between 70 and 180 mg/dl. Half of them were also given accounts into which researchers deposited $60 per month. To keep the money, participants needed to achieve the daily goals. If those conditions weren’t met, $2 was subtracted that day. After three months, the group that received the money had achieved the goal an average of 50 percent of the days, versus just 19 percent for those not offered the money. But that percentage dropped dramatically in the three months after the incentive ended, and overall A1C levels didn’t improve with or without the incentive. Money talks, but other efforts may be needed to help youth manage type 1 diabetes.
Source: JAMA Pediatrics, published online Oct. 23, 2017



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