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Address Childhood Obesity Early to Avoid Problems Later


Children aren’t likely to outgrow obesity unless efforts are made to help them adopt healthier habits. Researchers combined results from five studies, which included a total of 41,567 American children and adults. A mathematical prediction based on their weights and heights showed that 57 percent of today’s children will be obese by the time they reach age 35 if nothing is done to stop the trend. Not surprisingly, the risk was greater for heavier children. But science has shown there’s a lot parents can do to help their kids live a healthy lifestyle: Focus on a nutritious eating plan—packed with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat proteins—and limit sugar-sweetened beverages. Encourage kids to be active, and limit their screen time. For more tips, visit cdc.gov/healthyweight/children.
Source: The New England Journal of Medicine, published online Nov. 29, 2017



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