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Swaps for Staying Healthy in 2018

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To cut calories in your favorite comfort foods, “veggify” them. For instance, rather than 2 cups of mac ’n’ cheese, combine 1 cup mac ’n’ cheese with 1 cup steamed spinach or kale. Use cooked cauliflower in place of some or all of the potatoes in mashed potatoes. And sauté finely chopped cremini mushrooms and use in place of ground beef for chili. —Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN

Single Serving

Divvy up your mac ’n’ cheese (above) into ramekins for instant portion control.

To keep my continuous glucose monitor (CGM) sensor secure, I use a GrifGrips adhesive pad, but I’ll add Nexcare transparent first aid tape over any peeling parts of the grip three to four days after I put the grip on. That’s usually enough to get me through seven days, when I’ll need to change my sensor. —Mimikins

If your goal is to lose or maintain weight, practice consciousness regarding your food choices. Wear some kind of ring, bracelet, or band to remind you of your commitment to your health.I like rubber bands. When my thoughts get negative, I use the rubber band to literally snap me out of it! (But avoid snapping it if you have neuropathy in your hands.) —Kirsten Ward, MS, RCEP, CDE

Check your feet daily for cuts, sores, and irritated areas. If you can’t bend down, use a mirror. Place it near your shoes as a reminder to check every day before you leave home! —Susan Weiner, CDE, MS, RDN, CDN

When I’m taking a trip, no matter long or short, I have a great way to carry my insulin and needles: They fit perfectly into an eyeglass case—the hard-shell kind. I can walk through a room with them in hand and no one’s the wiser. —Laurileet

To keep heels from getting dry and cracked, use a saturated fat on your feet. Pure vegetable oils like cocoa butter or coconut oil tend to penetrate the skin better than store-brand lotions. —Colette Nelson, CDE, MS, RD


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