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Double-Up Recipes: Turkey Dishes

By Devin Alexander , ,

Recipes by Devin Alexander; photography by Terry Doran/Mittera

Make your own deli-style sliced turkey—it’s fresh and delicious, with a fraction of the sodium found in traditional deli meat. Sriracha hot chili sauce is a favorite for adding punch to dishes. Here, it gives a small kick of flavor to turkey, while mayo keeps the breast tender.

Shopping List

Fresh Produce
♦ Red or green leaf lettuce

♦ Turkey breast half, bone-in (2 1/4 lb)

♦ Fruit juice–sweetened cranberry preserves
♦ Light mayonnaise
♦ Whole wheat sandwich thins

Pantry Staples
♦ Dried rosemary
♦ Olive oil cooking spray
♦ Sriracha sauce


Devin Alexander's Sriracha Mayo–Roasted Turkey Breast

Devin Alexander's Cranberry Aioli Turkey Sandwich

Fact: It’s not uncommon for 4 ounces of lean turkey from the deli to have 1,000 milligrams of sodium or more. That puts you nearly halfway to the recommended daily total for adults, which is 2,300 milligrams.

Recipes from You Can Have It! More Than 125 Decadent Diabetes-Friendly Recipes by Devin Alexander. Available March 2018. See more of Devin Alexander's recipes.



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