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Too Many Meds Pose Hospitalization Risk for Seniors

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,


If you are older and take more than one diabetes medication, you may be at a higher risk for hospitalization. That’s what researchers found when they studied medical records for over 10,000 people with diabetes ages 65 and older. Regardless of A1C (a measure of long-term glucose control), people taking two or more glucose-lowering drugs were much more likely to be hospitalized and to have longer hospital stays than those taking fewer than two diabetes drugs. The researchers theorize that those participants were being overtreated and experienced hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) as a result. But the study didn’t prove cause and effect. The general guideline for most adults is an A1C of less than 7 percent, but American Diabetes Association recommendations suggest some older adults may need to aim slightly higher—less than 8 percent—given the risks for hypoglycemia. If you have frequent lows, discuss your medications and A1C goals with your doctor.
Source: American Diabetes Associtiation 77th Scientific Sessions



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