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Diabetes Hacks for Keeping Organized This Fall


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At the start of the school year, I create a low blood sugar kit for each of my daughter’s middle school classrooms (above). I fill plastic cases with a couple of juice boxes, a snack-size baggie full of glucose tablets, and a couple of granola bars or packages of peanut butter crackers. I also add our two-page diabetes care cheat sheet in case a teacher or substitute forgets what to do or who to call. —Leighann Calentine

For instant portion control, we use 8-ounce glasses that have a line at the halfway mark, making it convenient to get 4 ounces of juice when my daughter goes low. —Polina Bryson

When I go for a long run, I like to wear HipS-sister’s HSX Unisex Sport Belt. It has two zip pouches, as well as a non-zip slot that lets me easily slide my fingers in and grab glucose tablets. I store my phone, continuous glucose monitor (CGM) receiver, glucose tablets, lancing device, meter, and test strip bottle. It all fits in there and stays put. A lot of sports belts aren’t secure, but nothing slides in this one! —Jennifer Smith, RD, LD, CDE

At Halloween, I stock up on fun-size packs of Skittles because they are exactly 14 grams of carb. I’m not a glucose tablet fan, and sometimes when you’re low, you tend to overtreat, so I like the fact that I can get the 14 grams from these mini packs. —Kelley Gibbs-Kent

Sew a buttonhole on the chest side of your T-shirt, beneath the pocket, so that you can store your insulin pump in the pocket and run the tube through the buttonhole, beneath the shirt, and to your infusion site. —J. Scott Kiphart

In setting up insulin syringes for my home-care clients, I buy hard pencil cases—the kind kids use for school supplies—in different colors. I use the light-colored cases for earlier in the day, progressing to darker-colored cases for evening doses. Labels containing the dose and time of day are secured to the outside of the pencil cases. Each case holds a week’s worth of filled syringes. —Barb Barczak, RN

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