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Shondra Odom

By Benjamin Hubbert , ,

Name: Shondra Odom

Age: 41

Location: Box Springs, Georgia

SMART Goal: Exercise 30 minutes a day, 4 times a week

Shondra Odom wasted no time in working towards her SMART goal. Working with a personal trainer, she started exercising five days a week, with a program incorporating strength training, bike riding, jumping jacks, and even some boxing. A job change in June caused her to break with her routine for a month, but “since July first I have been back in full force and have been doing about an hour four days a week,” she says. With two children who are heavily involved in athletics, plus her own job as a teacher, “my biggest victory has been that I have kept up with it.” Her perseverance has paid off: although she didn’t set a weight loss goal at the start of the year, she’s lost 10 pounds so far.

Shondra has seen other rewards as well. “I’ve had lots more energy than I had over the last few years when I let myself go,” she says. “I’m not out of breath every time I walk from one spot to the next.” She had back problems the year before, which caused her some difficulty when she first started exercising, but “I’ve seen that with my back getting stronger, I’ve had fewer problems with it.”

In addition to her personal trainer, Shondra’s motivation comes from her family. “My mom, Linda Grimsley, has really pushed herself, and she has lots of back problems and things like that,” she says. “She’s kind of my rock.” Her late aunt’s example of healthy living also inspires her. “This is the Norma Jean challenge,” she says, “and my aunt Norma Jean was always healthy and always stayed healthy.”



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