Diabetes Forecast

Ragan Adkins

By Benjamin Hubbert , ,

Name: Ragan Adkins

Age: 34

Location: Statesborough, GA

SMART Goal: Exercise a minimum of 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes; lose 13.6 lbs by 12/31/17

Despite difficulties caused by the often hectic schedule of a primary school teacher, Ragan Adkins has persevered with her fitness and diet plans. “I feel like I started off very strongly, and then the reality of life caught up with me and I backtracked,” she says, “but now I’m back on my schedule.” That schedule includes training for a half marathon in November, around the time when she and the rest of her family will reconvene to share their progress.

In addition to her exercise, Ragan has improved her diet, primarily by cutting out all beverages other than water. “I know that’s helped me to boost my metabolism a little bit,” she says. “It’s also helped me to feel full so I’m not eating as much.”

Ragan’s main challenge is her schedule: as a public schoolteacher, the months at the beginning and end of the school year are especially hectic for her. “I’d get home late so I wouldn’t be eating very healthy,” she says. “I’d get home starving and eat what I could get my hands on.” She credits the accountability provided by the rest of her family with pulling her back in, but her own motivation has also been an important factor in her success. “You get that temporary satisfaction if you eat that piece of chocolate cake,” she says, “but you’re not going to get the long term satisfaction that you will if you’re living a long term healthy lifestyle.”



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