Diabetes Forecast

Madison Fountain

By Benjamin Hubbert , ,

Name: Madison Fountain

Age: 20

Location: Dacula, GA

SMART Goal: Work out 3 times a week and stop drinking soda.

To meet her fitness goal, Madison Fountain joined the lacrosse team at her college, which exercises six days a week. She says that the exercise has helped with her mental as well as her physical health: “Before I started, I used to have anxiety… I noticed that exercise is a big stress reliever, so I don’t really have that problem anymore.” Madison also stopped drinking sodas, and has moved on to finding other ways to eat a more healthy diet. In a college setting, however, unhealthy food is rarely hard to find. “If I don’t buy the food, I don’t have that problem,” Madison says. “So I just try to buy healthy food and avoid the unhealthy food.”

Madison’s friends and family are her encouragement. The lacrosse team helped her stick to a fitness regimen, and “my dad [Theo Fountain] has diabetes, so he’s always trying to eat healthy and be active,” she says. “That kind of encouraged me.”



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