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Carolyn McClanahan

By Benjamin Hubbert , ,

Name: Carolyn McClanahan

Age: 63

Location: Hope Mills, N.C.

SMART Goal: Lose 10 pounds by Dec. 31 by continuing to eat a low-carb diet; eat oatmeal (or equivalent substitute) at least 2 mornings a week; take lunch (e.g., salad, homemade soup) to work, and exercise 4 days a week for 30 minutes.

Carolyn McClanahan was already eating a low-carb diet when she started the Norma Jean Family Challenge. “I ate a lot of vegetables and protein, and cut out a lot of potatoes, rice, and bread,” she says. While she was initially intimidated by the prospect of changing her diet, she found that she liked vegetables and lean protein enough that “I didn’t miss the carbs”.

Carolyn’s low carb diet has already helped her lose 22 pounds since her last physical, and she plans to lose 10 more by the end of the year. “I was really surprised at how low carb eating produced some good results fairly quickly,” she says. In the future, she plans to bring lunch to work more often instead of eating out, and cut down on sugary drinks.

Carolyn has run into some difficulties with her exercise routine, which was interrupted by some problems with her hip. She hopes that she’ll be able to start exercising more in late summer and early fall. In the meantime, she’s looking for ways to sit less at work, such as walking to a staffer’s office to speak with them instead of sending an email. When her hip gets better, she plans to start climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

The improvements that Carolyn has made in her health so far have kept her motivated to strive for further healthy changes. “I think the success of the low carb diet was pretty motivating,” she says. “A lot of my numbers were suddenly much better.”



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