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Bill Kemp

By Benjamin Hubbert , ,

Photo courtesy of Bill Kemp

Bill is participating in the Norma Jean Family Challenge. Here's his progress so far.

Name: Bill Kemp

Age: 62

Location: Sarasota, Fla.

SMART Goal: Lose 8 pounds by year-end; get 7 or more hours of sleep at least 5 nights per week (going to bed by 11 p.m.); reduce average calorie input by 200 calories per day; increase average calorie output by 100 calories per day through exercise

Since May, Bill has lost another pound, bringing him within 2 pounds of his weight loss goal. He’s continued to improve his diet, focusing on “smaller, higher quality meals.” Some health problems have interfered with his exercise and sleep, however. Though he doesn’t have diabetes, a recent operation on his back left him with some neuropathy in his toes. “I’m doing stretches at night with my calf and my foot and toes to stretch them out and avoid cramping at night,” he says.

When setting goals for the Norma Jean Family Challenge, Bill Kemp included an important but often overlooked aspect of healthy living: his sleep cycle. Getting enough sleep has helped him work toward his other health and fitness goals: “If I get a good night’s sleep, it gives me more energy and a clearer mind the next day,” he says.

In order to improve his sleep habits, Bill changed his bedtime routine, turning off the TV at 10 p.m. and going to bed by 11. It hasn’t always been easy: “the requirements of a demanding job sometimes keep me from meeting my sleep targets,” he says. But he’s satisfied with his progress so far, and has gotten 7 hours of sleep at least 4 nights a week most weeks. And the extra energy has allowed him to make headway on his diet, weight loss, and exercise goals: so far, he’s lost 5 out of the 8 pounds he plans to lose.

Bill doesn’t consider his goals or the steps he’s taken to be "earth shattering," but says they’ve still improved his health and his life. “Make too ambitious a goal and you’ll feel like you’ll never get there,” he says. “Set realistic goals, and hold yourself accountable”.



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