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Ben Ayris

By Benjamin Hubbert , ,

Photo courtesy of Ben Ayris

Name: Ben Ayris

Age: 31

Location: Tavares, Fla.

SMART Goal: Exercise 30 minutes a day, three times a week

In order to improve his diet, Ben Ayris is trying to eat earlier in the day and cut down on the amount of bread he eats. “When I do have bread, I make it wheat bread,” he says. He’s also drinking less.

Ben’s work schedule is the next problem he wants to tackle. “If I get done with a double digit workday full of stress, it’s not always first on my priority list to go work out,” he says. “I just want to go home and completely relax, and I’m good at doing that.” Still, he does find his workouts rewarding. “I have noticed that when I’m being active, I have more energy,” he says.

Although Ben Ayris doesn’t have diabetes, he knows that given his family history, he might develop it in the future. In order to reduce his risk of developing type 2 diabetes, he decided to begin an exercise routine, aiming for 30 minutes of running or weight lifting 3 days a week. “To be honest, I haven’t been doing so well” thus far, Ben says. “I’ve started exercising and I’m drinking a bit more water, but my diet’s not really the greatest.”

Ben has taken some steps to improve his diet, but the process is still ongoing, he says. “I’m trying to eat earlier in the day rather than late at night, [and] I’m not eating an entire pizza at one time … I’m trying to eat fewer carbs, and more lean meat.” He says his next step is to cut down the amount of beer he drinks at the golf course. “I’ll try to drink only in moderation.”

Ben Ayris does feel like the changes he’s made so far have given him a little more energy, and that’s encouraged him to continue working to develop better habits. “Routine is key,” he says.



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