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Saturated Fat Contributes to Insulin Resistance

By Miriam E. Tucker ,

Terry Doran/Mittera

A single meal high in saturated fat, such as pepperoni pizza or a cheeseburger with large fries, can trigger insulin resistance and increase fat in the liver. While the damage isn’t likely to be permanent in healthy people, or in those who only indulge every so often, making that type of food a habit can cause permanent problems. In a study, 14 men without diabetes, between the ages of 20 and 40, drank either palm oil—a saturated fat—or flavored water. Insulin resistance and fat in the liver were seen within four to six hours of consuming the palm oil. Insulin resistance and liver fat are common among people who have diabetes, so if you do, consider limiting your intake of fried foods and other sources of saturated fat, such as red meat.
Source: The Journal of Clinical Investigation, published online Jan. 23, 2017



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