Diabetes Forecast

3 Must-Haves This Month

Photograph by Eric Hinders; styled by Nick Sellers and Haleigh Eason

Tee Time

Blood glucose highs and lows can mess with your mood. Fit the moment to a tee with Thug Life Shirts’ unisex Blood Sugar T-shirt (above). Made of a comfy cotton blend, it sells for $27.95 at thuglifeshirts.com. —Kimberly Goad

Rescue Mission

In K.J. Howe’s gripping debut, The Freedom Broker (2017, Quercus), Thea Paris is a top-notch kidnap-and-rescue expert who makes a living outsmarting and outgunning bad guys. When her father is kidnapped, she’s on the case. But while she’s busy following the clues and leading her black ops team on missions around the world, she’s also managing type 1 diabetes. Though diabetes doesn’t dominate the story, it’s present in small moments and big—after a long day, in the middle of a shootout, and stranded in the desert with insulin vials going warm. The Freedom Broker is for fans of fast-paced thrillers—and anyone looking for some diabetes representation in their fiction. —Tracey Neithercott

Cyber Support

Shared wisdom does double duty for DiabetesSisters’ latest project, DiabetesSistersVoices.org. The nonprofit’s new online platform—a joint venture with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and TrustNetMD.com—is an online support community where women can ask questions and share solutions for diabetes management. The researchers will use responses on the site in a study to determine what matters most to women with diabetes. The conversations will help guide researchers in designing studies to improve treatments. Want to join the conversation? Sign up online by April 30. —Lindsey Wahowiak



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