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High-Fiber Diets Can Help Prevent Gum Disease

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,


You probably know that eating high-fiber foods, particularly whole grains, is good for your heart. But it appears a high-fiber diet can prevent gum disease, too. Researchers surveyed 6,052 adults, adjusting for factors that affect gum health, such as age, sex, education, smoking status, and income level. Those who consumed fewer than 12 grams of fiber a day were 27 percent more likely to have moderate to severe gum disease than were those who ate more than the recommended 23 grams daily. An apple with the skin has about 4 grams of fiber, a slice of whole-wheat bread about 2 grams, and a cup of cooked lentils a whopping 16 grams. Just as it does in the heart, a high-fiber diet may reduce inflammation to protect the gums.
Source: The Journal of Nutrition, published online Oct. 26, 2016



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