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Glucose Tablets Best for Fighting Lows

Eric Hinders/Mittera

When people with diabetes experience low blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia), glucose tablets help them feel better faster than other foods. Researchers analyzed four studies involving a total of 126 adults and kids with type 1 diabetes who together experienced more than 700 episodes of hypoglycemia, with symptoms such as shaking or sweating—but not unconsciousness. Those symptoms were much more likely to go away within 15 minutes when glucose tablets were used compared with orange juice, jelly beans, candy, table sugar, or milk. Hypoglycemia can happen to anyone with diabetes who uses insulin or certain type 2 diabetes medications called sulfonylureas. Avoid going dangerously low by keeping fast-acting, portioned glucose nearby. Read here for a list of glucose products.
SOURCE: Emergency Medicine Journal, published online Sept. 19, 2016



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