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Diabetes Hacks for Your Meds and Devices

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Memory Aid

To make sure I never miss a medication dose, I keep my prescription medication bottles in a plastic container. After I take my morning meds, I turn the bottles upside down. If I’m not sure whether I’ve taken my meds, I just look inside the container holding the bottles. If one of them isn’t upside down, I know I missed it. —Ronald Gerard

More Hacks

A simple rubber band can turn any meter into an all-in-one device—without the need for a bulky case. Simply wrap the rubber band around your meter, lancing device, and test strip vial, and you’re on your way! —Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE

When training for marathons, I wear something called an Urban Tool—a holster that’s worn on your shoulders—for my insulin pump, meter, cell phone, and fast-acting glucose. It’s lightweight, so it allows me freedom to move. And because it’s closer to my ear, I can hear if the alarms go off on my insulin pump. —Justina McConnell

When my son was starting out with a pump, I safety-pinned a baby sock to the outside of his pajama pants to hold his pump at night. A baby sock is just the right size and has the perfect amount of stretch to create a little pocket, keeping his pump in place. —Carol Russell

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I was concerned about how diabetes would affect my relationship with my husband, who was suddenly calling me at all hours of the day to make sure all was well. The solution was a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and its data-sharing app. My husband and I each independently monitor my glucose readings. Now we can communicate about things besides diabetes. —Ulrika “Red” Nilsson

During exercise, I use a SPIbelt—a slim expandable pouch on a belt—to store my combo pump–CGM and Medtronic’s MiniMed Connect uploader. It keeps them close to my CGM sensor but out of the way when I’m running, skateboarding, or hiking. —Greg Chason


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