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Kids With Type 1 Not Getting Regular Eye Exams

By Miriam E. Tucker , ,


People with diabetes need regular eye checkups to screen for sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy, but younger folks often aren’t getting them. In a study of 12,686 people age 21 and younger, all of whom had health insurance, 35 percent of those with type 1 diabetes and 58 percent of those with type 2 hadn’t received an eye exam within six years of being diagnosed. Kids who’ve had type 1 diabetes for three to five years should get a comprehensive eye exam at age 10 or after puberty has begun, whichever is earlier. Regardless of age, such screenings should take place beginning five years after the development of type 1 and at the time type 2 is diagnosed (because type 2 diabetes often starts years prior to diagnosis). The exams should then be repeated at least once a year—more often if signs of retinopathy are found.
Source: JAMA Ophthalmology, published online March 23, 2017



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