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Weight-Loss Stories: Ellena Boss

By Gina Roberts-Grey , , ,

Age: 36
Occupation: Preschool teacher
Began losing weight: December 2016
Current weight: 237 pounds

A December 2016 diagnosis of type 2 diabetes caused a dramatic change of mind-set for Ellena Boss. “I made a choice right then and there to live. I knew I had to improve my health for myself and my family,” she says. “I wanted to watch my children grow up, get married. And I want to grow old with my husband.”

So she set a goal of losing 20 pounds. With the help of her husband, whom she lovingly calls her “personal chef,” Boss changed her diet. She started with beverages, swapping caffeinated and sugar-sweetened drinks for fruit-infused water and unsweetened tea.

“I totally cut out added sugar, saying no to all cookies, cake, and ice cream,” says Boss, who lives in Louisiana with her family. Whey protein meal replacement drinks often take the place of one meal. Instead of fast or fried foods, dinner is now grilled chicken or fish. “I don’t eat red meat of any kind. I now eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of salads.” She uses the MyFitnessPal app to log the number of calories she eats throughout the day to stay on track and avoid mindless munching.

Boss also started moving more. She takes daily walks, even after a long day at work, and volunteers as a soccer coach. “That’s something I wasn’t able to do before my weight loss, but now I have so much more energy and feel so much better.”

Along with lowering her A1C to 5.3 percent, Boss, who currently takes metformin twice a day, has reduced her blood pressure and cholesterol. “Since I met my first 20-pound goal, I’ve set another one,” she says. “I know with continued hard work and dedication, I can meet it.”

Check with your doctor before making changes to your eating or exercise plan.

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