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India-Inspired Dishes

Recipe by May Abraham Fridel; photography by Greg Larson; food styling by Skyler Myers

India’s rich and colorful treasures—aromatic spices and tropical fruits—shine in these seafood dishes

Country-Style Keralan Shrimp and Mango Curry
This seafood preparation comes from Kerala and is usually made with crab and eaten with a spiced yucca mash. Here, we make it with easy-to-find shrimp.

Fish in Banana Leaves (Patrani Machi)
This dish has its roots in western India, where Parsis—Persian Zoroastrian immigrants—settled around the seventh to ninth century. Parsi cuisine is a unique regional Indian cuisine with ancient Persian influences. If you can’t find banana leaf pieces or Swiss chard to use for this recipe, use parchment paper instead.

Spicy Calamari
The southwest coast of India is known for its high-quality shellfish. You’ll taste the flavors of that region when you bite into this delicious calamari dish.

Grilled Fish Trio
If you can’t find ajwain seeds, use caraway seeds, or skip the seeds. Any firm fish will work well for this recipe.

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