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Type 2 in Youth Linked to Complications in Adulthood

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Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as a child or young adult may cause problems later on. Researchers examined records for 1,746 people (male and female) with type 1 and 272 with type 2 diabetes, all of whom were diagnosed when they were younger than 20 and had lived with the condition for an average of eight years. In all, 72 percent of those with type 2 diabetes had at least one diabetes-related complication, versus 32 percent of type 1 participants. Nearly half of those with type 2 had stiff arteries, and about one-fifth had high blood pressure or kidney disease. Those percentages were much lower in the type 1 group. Researchers say the difference may have to do with health care availability: People with type 2 may lack access to care more often, leading to delayed diagnoses and treatment. 
Source: JAMA, published online Feb. 28, 2017



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