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Turn Up the Volume

Filling, satisfying, and healthy recipes


Photography by Eric Hinders; food styling by Annie Whyte; styled by Haleigh Eason

Enjoy more food on your plate when you prepare recipes with plenty of leafy greens, other nonstarchy vegetables, and fluffy egg whites. These ingredients are packed with vitamins and minerals, the veggies are loaded with fiber, and none of them are high in calories or carbs. Go big and go, “Yum!”

Shrimp and Avocado “Taco” Bowls
Thanks to the crisp lettuce and veggies, you won’t miss the taco shells.

Southwestern Kale and Black Bean Salad
For the zestiest flavor, add the dressing before you serve this hearty kale salad.

Fluffy Vegetable Frittata
Use mini oven-safe pans to make personal frittatas.



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