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By Tracey Neithercott ,

Hid-In's Pocket Panties
Photography by Gregory Stack, styled by Haleigh Eason, Medtronic Diabetes (630G insulin pump)

Under Cover

We see London, we see France, we see some adorable and diabetes-friendly underpants. Hid-In’s Pocket Panties (above) are both romantic and practical: Lace, mesh, leopard print, and polka dots add whimsy, while a hidden front pocket holds an insulin pump. The underwear retails for about $25 to $30. The company is based out of London and ships worldwide. Find out more—or shop for other pump accessories, including boxers with a pump pocket and body bands that hold pumps beneath your clothes—at hid-in.com.

Onward and Upward

Sanofi and Verily Life Sciences (an enterprise of Alphabet, Google’s parent company) are teaming up to create innovative diabetes treatments. Their new company, Onduo, will combine Sanofi’s diabetes know-how and Verily’s expertise with teensy electronics to create devices and services for people with type 2 diabetes. (It’ll later expand to include type 1.) In an encouraging move, the company is talking with patient advocates to get product input. Keep an eye on onduo.com for details.

Easy Updates

Updating your insulin pump just got easier. With Tandem Diabetes Care’s new T:slim X2 (below), you can remotely update the pump’s software, just as you would your smartphone’s, without having to trade in the device. Get the details at tandemdiabetes.com/tslimX2.

Courtesy of Tandem Diabetes Care



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