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Eat Healthy, Stress Less for Better Glucose Control

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,


Following a heart-healthy eating plan is a smart move for people with diabetes, but a study suggests it works best when supplemented with a hefty dose of stress relief. In a study, 58 healthy adult women were fed a high-fat breakfast of biscuits and gravy on two different days. One breakfast was made mostly with unhealthful fat, while the other contained healthy fat. Not surprisingly, the breakfast with healthful fat produced better responses in terms of heart-health markers in the blood. But when the women reported being stressed out the day before eating the healthful breakfast, their blood markers looked no different than they did after eating the unhealthy breakfast. (Need a little stress relief? Check out “Feel Calmer Now”.)
Source: Molecular Psychiatry, published online Sept. 20, 2016



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