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Diabetes Hacks for the New Year

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Looking for ways to travel smarter, inject easier, or manage your meds? We’ve rounded up diabetes tips and tricks to help make 2017 your best year yet.

Knitting Needs

I refill glucose tablet tubes and keep them in my purse. I have a knitted cover on my tube, so it’s easier to feel in my purse in an emergency. —Terry Lees

More Ideas

I found a great way to carry my insulin and needles when I’m taking a trip, no matter how long or short. They fit perfectly into a hard eyeglass case. I can walk through a room with them in hand, and no one’s the wiser. Also, if I have to put them into a suitcase, they’re protected from bouncing around. —Laurileet, via diabetes.org/messageboards

Because I take numerous prescription meds daily, along with some vitamins and supplements, I maintain a current list of my prescriptions on my computer and print the list onto small, blank address labels. I carry a few of the labels with me to stick on new-patient questionnaires at the dentist, specialist, etc. This is accurate, a time-saver, and easier for the provider to read than a hastily handwritten list would be. It also will prove helpful should I need emergency health care. —Suzette Langston

I always try to be very careful when loading my pump with insulin to make sure all of the air bubbles are gone. To help me do this, I keep a pair of magnifying glasses with my supplies. It makes it so much easier to see those pesky bubbles! —Sharlyn Premuda

A great tool to remember is adhesive film or tape, such as Opsite Flexifix: You can conveniently cut out the middle, leaving a hole for a continuous glucose monitor sensor. It overlaps perfectly, producing a watertight bond. I use this to ensure that my sensor makes it the full week it’s intended for. —David Binder

My wife lays out my pills morning and night and reminds me to take them. We bought different-colored ramekins to use for each of my daily pills, which help keep little pills from rolling away. —Martin Shenkman

We’re seeking your hacks for our next issue in May/June. As the summer approaches, we want to know how you protect your diabetes meds and supplies when you’re at the beach, on a boat, by the pool or in the mountains. Share your tips with us at diabeteshacks@diabetes.org.