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By Tracey Neithercott ,

Terry Doran/Mittera

Funny Girl

Diabetes is no laughing matter—unless you’re reading Haidee Soule Merritt’s FingerPricks, a collection of humorous cartoons and short, personal essays about life with diabetes. Merritt doesn’t sugarcoat it. This is the type of book you read to feel less alone and to commiserate over diabetes-related complications, burnout, and life experiences. Learn more at haideemerritt.com.

Patch It Up

Looking for discreet, on-demand mealtime insulin delivery? Johnson & Johnson’s OneTouch Via may soon provide a solution. The wafer-thin plastic patch with Teflon cannula attaches to the skin, and can be worn for up to three days. Just press two buttons on the device to deliver 2 units at a time. It’s expected to launch outside the United States late this year, with a U.S. release to follow.

Get Smart

What do you get when you combine Medtronic’s diabetes know-how with IBM’s computing genius? One seriously cool app. Using a Medtronic insulin pump-continuous glucose monitor combo and IBM’s Watson, the supercomputer that won Jeopardy!, the app will stream real-time glucose data, spot patterns, predict glucose events, and make self-care recommendations. Cognitive computing—a fancy term for a super smart computer algorithm—looks for patterns then uses them to predict future events, such as low blood glucose. All of that happens fast enough that you can take action before hitting the danger zone. As of early August, the companies hadn’t confirmed the app’s name or release date but said they planned to make it available in 2016.

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