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Cut Calories to Improve Your Sex Life

By Miriam E. Tucker ,

Preto_perola/Thinkstock (kisses); Somus/Thinkstock (cola can)

Why cut calories if you’re not overweight? Well, to rev up your sex life, for one. That’s what researchers found when they randomly assigned 220 normal-weight men and women to spend two years either eating what they wanted or restricting by 25 percent the number of calories needed to maintain their weight. The calorie restriction group lost an average of 16.7 pounds compared with less than a pound in the control group. Along with that, they reported improved mood, reduced tension, improved general health, better sleep quality, and a stronger sex drive. Better yet, the participants reported no downsides to eating less. The effect might have to do with changes in hormone levels. 
Source: JAMA Internal Medicine, published online May 2, 2016



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