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News from the ADA’s Scientific Sessions

Top research from the American Diabetes Association’s annual meeting

Researchers and health care providers from around the globe headed to New Orleans in June for the American Diabetes Association’s 76th Scientific Sessions. The world’s largest diabetes-focused conference welcomed more than 16,000 attendees and speakers. 

Among the research unveiled at the conference:

  • Follow-up data from the Diabetes Prevention Program found that physical activity, regardless of weight loss, may help prevent or delay the onset of type 2 in people at high risk.
  • Using an artificial pancreas at home over multiple days—with no food or exercise restrictions—is safe and effective for adults with type 1. Researchers who compared use of the artificial pancreas, which administers both insulin and glucagon as needed based on continuous glucose monitor (CGM) readings, with an insulin pump found that the artificial pancreas kept blood glucose levels closer to normal and reduced hypoglycemia.
  • The ADA and IBM Watson Health announced a collaboration to develop new ways to prevent and manage diabetes. Supercomputer Watson will use the ADA’s 66 years of data to provide a diabetes advisor service for patients and caregivers. 


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