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Live with diabetes for long enough, and you’ll learn a few tricks your doctor or educator may not know about. Beginning this month, we’re asking you to share your tips so we can all live better

Inside the Box

I organize all of my pump supplies in small tackle boxes (see image above). If I am going to be out of town, I throw the tackle boxes in my suitcase* and the hard covering keeps them from being damaged!
—Karina Baker

*Flying? Keep your insulin and pump supplies in your carry-on bag.

Diy Pump Clip

If your pump clip breaks, here’s an easy solution: Wrap a hair tie around your belt loop. Insert your pump, and you’re good to go.

Refill Cues

I keep a list on the fridge door of how many insulin pens are left. I also keep a list of supplies on the shelf where I keep my glucose meter.
—JT Titus

Sharps Safety

Plan to take a long bike ride? Use old test strip tubes to hold pen needles and used sharps.

On-The-Go Shots

I’m on a pump now, but growing up we used plastic toothbrush holders for shots on the go that were already drawn up.
—Lauren Dodson Teuscher

Sticky Trick

Here’s a tip for continuous glucose monitor (CGM) users when sensors won’t stay stuck: Cut a hole the size of your CGM sensor in the middle of a Tegaderm patch. Fit the patch over your skin so the sensor’s hard plastic dome pokes out of the hole and the Tegaderm patch covers the sensor’s adhesive as well as your skin.
—Name Withheld


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