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ADA Camps Lead to Smarter, More Confident Kids

By Allison Tsai ,


American Diabetes Association Camps are more than just fun for kids with diabetes—they also make kids smarter, happier, and more self-confident. The Association completed a three-year study that surveyed caregivers of 6,586 kids (the majority of whom had type 1 diabetes) who attended camp from 2013–2015. Comparing pre- and post-camp surveys, researchers noted a 19 percent increase in the ability of newly diagnosed campers to self-manage their diabetes. At the end of camp, both the newly diagnosed and diabetes veterans were more confident in managing their diabetes, had greater knowledge of proper diabetes management, had less diabetes-related anger, and were better able to troubleshoot diabetes problems as they arose. Learn more about ADA diabetes camps at diabetes.org/camps.
Source: American Diabetes Association’s 76th Scientific Sessions



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