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App Helps Teens Better Manage Diabetes

By Miriam E. Tucker ,

Chris Hennessey/Mittera (phone)

Teens with type 1 diabetes better manage their blood glucose levels when using MyDay Pro, a smartphone app developed by Shelagh Mulvaney, PhD, and a team from Vanderbilt University. Four times daily, MyDay Pro prompts users to enter information such as their mood, stress level, where they are, and who they’re with. Glucose data are uploaded via a Bluetooth-enabled meter, and the results are displayed in pie charts and bar graphs. In a study, 30 teens used the app for two weeks. All reported identifying at least one new pattern—such as a time of day when their blood glucose levels tended to run high—and were able to give a reason for the pattern 68 percent of the time. Best of all, most reported coming up with a plan to make positive changes based on the information. The app is available in the Apple app store and on Google Play, but because it's still under evaluation, it can only be used by those enrolled in the trial at this time.
Source: American Diabetes Association’s 76th Scientific Sessions



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