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Weight Loss Improves Quality of Life

By Allison Tsai , ,

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Losing weight is tough, but research suggests that even moderate weight loss can significantly improve quality of life for middle-aged and older adults with type 2 diabetes. In an 11-year trial, researchers studied 5,145 adults ages 45 to 75 with type 2 diabetes and a body mass index of greater than 25, the upper limit for normal weight. Participants were randomly assigned to either a lifestyle intervention group, with healthy eating and increased physical activity, or a control group that received standard diabetes care and education. Those in the intervention group lost an average of 6 percent of their body weight and had a 48 percent lower risk for problems with moving around. They also had a 15 percent lower risk of depression eight years after treatment began. The bottom line: Lifestyle changes can help you lose weight and live a more independent (and happier) life.
Source: American Diabetes Association’s 76th Scientific Sessions



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