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Switching to an Insulin Pump? Weight Gain Happens Only With High A1Cs

By Miriam E. Tucker ,


You might have heard that people with type 1 diabetes gain weight when they start using an insulin pump, but that’s not necessarily true, according to a study of 1,258 adults with type 1 who switched from injecting to pumping. After one year, only those who started out with A1C levels of 9 percent or higher gained weight, about 4 to 5 pounds. Why the weight gain? Excess calories that had been lost as glucose in the urine when blood glucose was high are stored when more insulin is supplied and glucose levels fall, such as when starting insulin or switching to a pump. If you’re considering using a pump, talk with your provider about an eating and exercise plan that’ll help you maintain a healthy weight.
Source: Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, published online July 10, 2016



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