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Find the Right Medical ID for You

By Emily Gaines-Buchler , ,

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Today’s wide selection of fashion-forward ID jewelry is welcome, given the critical need for people with diabetes to wear an ID. “If you’re acutely ill and unable to communicate, emergency medical personnel will see the alert and know to check blood sugar and treat you for hypoglycemia immediately,” says Sherita Golden, MD, MHS, FAHA, an endocrinologist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. Or “with significantly elevated blood sugar, medical providers can start administering insulin.”

What information does the ID need to display? First, that you have diabetes. But most important is whether you are insulin dependent, Golden says. Don’t assume first responders will spot an insulin pump. On the ID, specify “insulin pump” to help them locate it and stop the delivery of insulin to prevent blood glucose from falling even lower. Also consider listing your full name, along with the name and phone number of an emergency contact, such as a parent, spouse, or physician.

While the dependence on insulin is the essential piece, new tech-savvy models let you create an online health profile and include an access code on your ID tag. There, you can store details about your health insurance policy, medications, and doctors, all of which first responders can access in an emergency.
Read on for a roundup of some of our favorites.

1. Choo Choo Medical ID Bracelet, $23

Rachel’s Cure by Design
1-877-410-1515, rachelscurebydesign.com
Trains fascinate young kids, and a design like this “can increase the likelihood of children wearing a medical ID by making it fun and playful,” Golden says.

2. 550 Paracord Bracelet, $36.99

Arctic Summit
Have an active lifestyle? Then you’ll appreciate this sturdy bracelet, available in dozens of colors and patterns. Send your wrist measurement for a custom fit.

3. Peace & Cheetah Triple Pack Medical Bracelets, $38=

N-Style ID
1-877-445-0030, n-styleid.com
Great for tweens who like variety, this three pack lets kids choose between interchangeable bracelets: one with peace signs, one solid purple, and another with a cheetah print.

4. Key West Medical ID Cuff, $39.95

Lauren’s Hope
1-800-360-8680, laurenshope.com
Add tropical color and pizzazz to your attire with this eye-catching cuff. Made of stainless steel with yellow gold plating, this water-resistant bracelet is both convenient and chic.

5. Stainless Steel Large Flex Leather, $36.99

American Medical ID
1-800-363-5985, americanmedical-id.com
This classic design looks and feels like a leather wristwatch, so it’ll blend with office attire. Pay extra to personalize the ID tag to include an access code to health information stored online.
Bonus: Proceeds support the ADA.

Medical ID Gold Plated Stainless Steel Necklace, $29.99

Sticky Jewelry
1-866-497-6265, stickyj.com
Trendsetters will love this medical ID’s resemblance to popular rectangular pendants. Engrave your information on one or both sides. Bonus: Proceeds support the American Diabetes Association.

Road ID for Apple Watch, $24.99

Road ID
1-800-345-6336, roadid.com
Apple Watch wearers no longer have to clutter their wrists with added jewelry. Engrave this stainless steel tag with your information, then slide it on your watchband. You can pay extra to include an access code to your online health profile. 

ID Apps

Paramedics look for medical IDs not only on people’s wrists (the first place they’ll usually check) and necks, but also on their smartphones. Download a mobile “in case of emergency” (ICE) app, which first responders can use to make treatment decisions. Some emergency apps even let loved ones track your location and let you send an alert with GPS coordinates.

On Apple and Android Devices

RapidSOS Haven from RapidSOS Inc.: free for a year on Google Play and iTunes, then between $2.99 and $4.99 a month, depending on your plan

MyID from Endevr Inc.: free, with the ability to upgrade to additional features for $4.99 a month

On Apple Devices

ICE Standard ER With Smart911 from About the Kids Foundation: free

Emergency Contact from Headlight Software Inc.: free

amr-ICE from EMS Options: free

On Android Devices

ICE Standard from About the Kids Foundation: free

ICE from Appventive: $3.99

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