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Personalized Eating Plans Make for Healthier Food Choices

Cameron Sadeghpour

You’ve probably heard the recommendations: Eat five portions of fruits and vegetables daily and have fish twice a week. Following this advice might be easier if it were tailored to your own food tastes. That’s what researchers found when they assigned 1,607 adults to read websites offering either traditional nutrition advice or options based on an individual’s current eating habits. Personalized food recommendations included replacing white bread with wheat and picking low-fat milk over a higher-fat version. After six months, those in the personalized group were eating less red meat, less salt, and fewer overall calories compared with those given the same old advice. The study didn’t prove cause and effect, however. Another way to get a personalized eating plan? See a registered dietitian.
Source: International Journal of Epidemiology, published online Aug. 14, 2016



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