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Replace Soda With Water to Lose Weight

By Miriam E. Tucker ,


Replacing diet soda with water may be the trick you need to shed a few extra pounds. Researchers tried it with 62 overweight and obese women enrolled in a 24-week program that included diet, behavior, exercise, and medical approaches. Half were told to have a daily diet drink after lunch, and the other half were asked to drink water instead. Water was unlimited, but diet drinks (including those with no-calorie sweeteners) were restricted to the one. The water group lost an average of 19.4 pounds—versus 16.7 for the diet beverage group—and their bodies were better able to use their own insulin. Diet drinks contain no calories or carbs, so what gives? Researchers suspect that they might make people hungrier. 
Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, published online Nov. 4, 2015



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