Diabetes Forecast

6 Offbeat Exercisers Tackle Diabetes

Freewheeling, high-flying exercise has some athletes with diabetes pushing the limits of what the human body can do


Nearly everyone has heard it before: Health experts recommend that we all should try to be active for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. There are those who are content to enjoy a brisk walk each day, while some people swim, run, or dance their way to fitness. But there are others who crave more out of their workout than the everyday. Folks whose hearts get pumping for adventure and excitement. Be prepared to be impressed—and maybe even inspired to shake up your routine, too.

Robert Dixon: Pole-vaulting Vanguard

Ashley & Emily Hayes: BMX Racers

Benjamin & Chris Richardson: One-Wheeled Wonders

Leeann Hewitt: Strength-Training Teen



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