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Timed Bites Aid Weight Loss

By Miriam E. Tucker ,

Gomolach/Thinkstock (plate); Martinspurny/Thinkstock (silverware)

Want to lose or maintain your weight? Try waiting 30 seconds between each bite of food. Researchers instructed 54 teens of different body weights to use 30-second hourglasses to pace the amount of time between bites. The 16 who used the technique at least 50 percent of the time had lost about 2 percent of their body weight after six months and 3.4 percent after one year. In contrast, the 26 who didn’t use the hourglass gained 12.6 percent of their body weight. Another group of 36 teens who weren’t given hourglasses or pacing instructions gained 8.2 percent after a year. Taking time between bites allows you to feel fuller, researchers say, which can help you eat less at each meal.
Source: Pediatric Obesity, published online Dec. 15, 2016



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