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Vegetarians No Safer From Death Than Meat Eaters

By Miriam E. Tucker ,

Top Photo Corporation/Thinkstock

Vegetarian diets are healthful, so vegetarians must be healthier than meat eaters, right? Perhaps not. Researchers combined results from two diet trials involving a total of 60,310 people, 30 percent of whom ate meat an average of five times a week and 34 percent of whom were vegetarians (of those, 4 percent were vegans and ate no animal products, including milk or cheese). During the two- to three-year study periods, there were no differences in total numbers of deaths by diet group. But vegetarians and vegans were about half as likely as meat eaters to die from certain cancers, including pancreatic cancer. This observational study doesn’t prove cause and effect, however.
Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, published online Dec. 9, 2015



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