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Metformin Does Little to Lower Teens' A1Cs

By Miriam E. Tucker , ,


The type 2 diabetes drug metformin may not benefit adolescents with type 1 diabetes. Researchers added either daily metformin or a placebo to the insulin regimens of 140 overweight or obese teenagers with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes. Both groups started off with an average A1C—a measure of long-term glucose control—of 8.8 percent. After 13 weeks, participants’ A1C had a slightly greater drop with metformin, but by the 26-week mark, both groups had the same average A1C level: 8.6 percent. The teens on metformin dropped their insulin doses by about 21 percent compared with their peers who took the placebo. And while the placebo group’s weight rose by 4 pounds, metformin users didn’t gain weight. They experienced more gastrointestinal problems, however.
Source: The Journal of the American Medical Association, published online  Dec. 1, 2015



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