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Consumer Guide 2016

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Ted Morrison

Whether you’re shopping for a new meter or looking for fast-acting glucose that you can carry with you, our giant product guide has you covered. We’ve listed more than 150 tools that can help you better manage your diabetes. Before you buy, check out the 2016 Consumer Guide:

12 Products in the Pipeline
Innovation reigns when it comes to the future of diabetes management

Diabetes Devices: Favorite Features
People with diabetes reveal the aspects of their devices that make the biggest difference in their diabetes management

Blood Glucose Meters
Our handy guide will help you decide which features are most important for you. Then, check our comprehensive listing of meters on the market.

Lancing Devices
Pick a better way to Prick

Continuous Glucose Monitors
We’ll help you determine which CGM suits you. From there, check out our list of available CGMs and their features.

Insulin Pumps
Find the best insulin pump for your lifestyle

Insulin Delivery for Type 2s
An alternative to traditional insulin pumps

Infusion Sets
These devices are more than flimsy plastic—they’re instrumental in getting insulin from your pump into your body

The Future of Infusion Sets
With the artificial pancreas on the horizon, today’s infusion sets are ready for a refresh

Insulin Pens
With these devices, your next insulin dose is just a click away

Pen Needles
Don’t go poking around—know the right needle for you

Injection Aids
18 devices that make injections easier

Fast-Acting Glucose
Treat lows quickly with these sources of glucose

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