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App Plus Coaching Equals Biggest Weight Loss

By Miriam E. Tucker , ,

For losing weight, an app alone is unlikely to get you to goal. Researchers randomly assigned 365 overweight or obese adults ages 18 to 35 to one of three interventions: One group received a smartphone app and another got the app plus personal coaching. Both were designed using research-based principles of behavior management, motivation, targeted goal-setting, healthful eating, and regular exercise. The third (control) group was simply given handouts on lifestyle change. After six months, the personal coaching group had lost nearly 7 pounds compared with 2½ pounds for the control group and just under 2 pounds for those who used the app alone. But there were no significant differences among the groups at the end of the two-year study. The bottom line: Some apps might still help with weight loss, but only in combination with other approaches.
Source: Obesity, published online Nov. 4, 2015



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