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Under-Desk Pedaling Device Improves Weight and Heart Rate

Tetiana Vitsenko/Thinkstock

About 43 percent of American working adults have sit-down jobs, placing them at risk for obesity and related chronic conditions. But new research suggests a potential solution: a beneath-the-desk pedaling device people can use while they work. In a 16-week study, 27 overweight adults who pedaled for about 50 minutes during their work days had significant reductions in body weight and resting heart rate compared with 27 similar adults who merely received counseling about taking breaks from sitting and advice about optimizing their workspace ergonomics. Each pedaling device cost about $600, which some employers might see as a worthwhile investment—especially considering that the exercisers reported improved concentration and fewer work days missed due to illness.  
Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine, published online Aug. 10, 2015



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