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Outdoor Play Linked to Less Nearsightedness

By Miriam E. Tucker , ,

Bec Parsons/Thinkstock

Here’s a new reason to urge your kids to play outdoors: It might prevent them from becoming nearsighted. Researchers assigned six schools—a total of about 950 first graders—to an additional 40-minute outdoor activity class at the end of each school day. The same number of kids in another six schools continued their usual activities. After three years, 30 percent of the kids in the outdoor activity group had developed nearsightedness, also called myopia, compared with about 40 percent of their peers. Researchers believe all of that extra light might influence the shape of the children’s eyes. But, of course, kids should never look directly at the sun.
Source: The Journal of the American Medical Association, published online Sept. 15, 2015



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