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Glyburide May Increase Risk of Cancer

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,


Scientists have long been concerned about the potential cancer-causing effects of blood glucose–lowering medications. A new study offers another piece of evidence: Glyburide, a sulfonylurea used to treat type 2, may raise a person’s risk for cancer compared with other type 2 drugs. In a large study of cancer-free people with type 2 diabetes, the overall risk for cancer in people taking glyburide was about the same as for other sulfonylureas. But the risk increased with time: Participants taking glyburide for three years had a 21 percent greater cancer risk than those on other sulfonylureas. Keep in mind: While the study offers another piece of the puzzle, the findings aren’t conclusive.
SOURCE: Diabetes Care, published online Sept. 4, 2015