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Drinking Water Before Meals Fosters Weight Loss

Igor Tarasyuk/Thinkstock

Here’s a free and easy weight-loss tip: Try drinking a glass of water before every meal. In a study, researchers gave 84 obese adults routine weight-loss counseling. Half were also told to drink about 17 ounces (about 2 cups) of water 30 minutes before each meal while the other half were told instead to imagine that their stomachs were full. After 12 weeks, the water-drinking group had lost an average of 5.3 pounds, compared with just 2.6 pounds among the imaginers. What’s more, 27 percent of water-drinkers lost at least 5 percent of their body weight. Only 5 percent of imaginers reached that goal. And, unlike some other approaches to weight loss, there were no side effects.
Source: Obesity, published online Aug. 3, 2015

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